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Wallet is a convenient and safe service to buy, store, and send cryptocurrencies. Our community: https://t.me/wallet_news_en_chat
Гео и язык канала
Россия, Русский
⚠️Beware of scammers! Wallet Support will never DM you first. Block and report anyone who impersonates themselves as a member of the Wallet Support⚠️ 👉 Official Wallet Support can be contacted only here: https://t.me/wallet_supportbot Please note, that our Support team is handling a high volume of requests, which may affect average response times and make them a bit longer. Rest assured, they will respond to everyone, but it's important to know how to effectively communicate with Support: 1. Send 1-2 concise messages. 2. Be polite and provide detailed explanations of your issue 💻 3. Include screenshots if available. 4. Use translation services if English is not your primary language. 5. Avoid spamming with multiple messages every 5 minutes 💻 Following these recommendations will significantly reduce your waiting time and help Support better understand your issue, thus providing you with the necessary assistance 😊
💎 P2P Market: Welcome Notcoin It's finally here, frens! Notcoin has arrived in our P2P Market! All Wallet users can now buy and sell NOT directly on Telegram with over 290 supported payment methods. Trade on the P2P Market without a fee: we will refund the trading fees to your Wallet balance for all transactions made from May 20 to May 22. We’ve also prepared a simple guide on how to use our P2P Market – you can read it here and find more details in our FAQ.
💎 Here are the details of our bonus plan for all our users who encountered issues during the Notcoin launch: ● 570M $NOT airdrop: Users who chose Wallet to receive Notcoin will receive an additional 10% in NOT tokens. ● P2P Market fee refunds: On May 16 and 17, we will refund all fees for selling cryptocurrency on our P2P Market. Additionally, there will be no P2P transaction fees from May 20 to 22. ● 5x increase in USDT bonuses: From May 16 to 22, we will offer a 250% APY on USDT in your bonus account. ● Doubled Notcoin bonuses: From May 16 to 22, you will receive 10 Notcoins for each Toncoin in your bonus account. ● Extended Wallet Earn programs: Both bonus promotions will be extended by one week. At the current exchange rate, the total value of these bonuses exceeds $10 million. We will distribute the payments next week. For more details, read our full article.
Сontest Bot is now ready to accept submissions for the Design Competition. Participants can now submit their designs to our Contest Bot as a ZIP archive (select Designers Competition 2024) 🎨 Please start uploading your file early so that you have enough time to complete the process. You may resubmit your file at any time before the deadline. Details of the submission format and our Contest Bot can be found in the competition documentation.
Wallet is fully operational! All users can now access all of Wallet's features, including Notcoin exchanges, withdrawals, and both Wallet Earn campaigns. Please note: Some transactions are still being processed and will be executed automatically within a few hours. 🙏 We owe you a reliable experience and as promised we are working on a bonus plan worth $10M for those affected, including those who chose Wallet to claim Notcoin, P2P traders, and Wallet Earn participants. Details will be announced tomorrow and payouts will be happening next week! Thank you for your patience and trust ❤️
Over 200,000 users have traded Notcoin in Wallet so far, resulting in continuously high load on our servers. To ensure a smooth experience for all users, we have temporarily implemented a few changes: ● Withdrawals, swaps and Telegram transfers are temporarily available only for users with a balance greater than $50. ● Withdrawals from Wallet Earn are temporarily disabled, but you will continue to earn rewards. ● Transaction history (including Wallet Earn) is temporarily disabled. All pending transactions will be executed automatically soon. ● Please note that P2P and Wallet Pay are functioning without any changes. All of these adjustments are temporary, and your funds are secure. We plan to gradually decrease these limits soon. Stay put for details on bonuses granted to all NOT users. These will be announced by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience and understanding🫡
Dear Notcoin Frens, we've noticed your feedback about Wallet experiencing downtime during this crucial moment of Notcoin listing. We understand that this has been frustrating for you, and we should have done better. The surge of users attempting to access Wallet simultaneously was expected, but it exceeded even our wildest expectations. Currently, our team is fully focused on enhancing the stability of Wallet. Once we've completed these improvements, we'll be offering a significant bonus to everyone who chose Wallet to claim Notcoin. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make your experience with Wallet smooth and reliable.
💎 Notcoin is live in Wallet and you all are so excited about it! With such tremendous activity, our servers are on fire🔥🔥🔥 Our team is actively working on fixing ✅ TON ecosystem is heating up!
💎 Notcoin goes live on Wallet tomorrow! The rollout of Notcoin will happen in two stages: ▪️Starting May 16, all Wallet users can send Notcoin to their Telegram contacts for free, top up their balances, and exchange NOT in pairs with TON, USDt, and BTC. ▪️On May 17, Notcoin will be added to the P2P Market. You'll also be able to purchase NOT using a bank card, withdraw (for example, to TON Space), and use it for payments in Wallet Pay! We will launch a special bonus campaign exclusively for all Notcoin holders soon. More details will follow; stay tuned! 🖤
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