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⭐️ Telegram Premium Payments FAQ Q: How do I subscribe? A: Just tap the button below this message to check out the subscriptions plans and sign up. You can also go to Settings, then click on Telegram Premium and tap 'Subscribe'. Q: What are my payment options? A: You can either pay through the App Store / Google Play or directly with your card using @PremiumBot. The app will automatically suggest the most convenient payment method for you. Note: If you can't access @PremiumBot through your app, you can open it using Telegram Web. Q: What sets @PremiumBot apart from App Store / Google Play payments? A: @PremiumBot works just like any other online payment method, allowing you to use your credit or debit card. It also supports local payment options in some regions, unlike the App Store or Google Play. Q: Any discounts available? A: Absolutely! We love a good deal too—our yearly Premium plans are discounted by up to4️⃣0️⃣🔤. Plus, all subscriptions via @PremiumBot come at a lower cost since there are no extra fees from Apple or Google. Q: How do I pay with cryptocurrency? A: You can buy Telegram Premium using cryptocurrency right here.
Telegram Premium – a subscription that unlocks dozens of exclusive features.