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🧩 About Crypto — in simple words, making cash, talking about my personal experience in Crypto, NFT, GameFi, IDO digital projects. 🔰 No investment advices; Always DYOR! 💌 FAQ: @Cooperate_Treysi
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Россия, Русский
Bitcoin above $39,500 📈 Friends, what's up. Bitcoin has broken through $39,000 and is now moving into the $40,000 range. The price has dynamically exited the range. My opinion on what will happen next: we will still see a pullback. I'm thinking in the neighborhood of 35k. It remains to be seen where the fall will start from. ❔ Shall we fly above 40k? 🔥 - Yes 👍 - No CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
Earnings on farming 🟡 Friends, many of you may think that you can only make money on crypto through trading and retrodrops, but this is not true. There are many ways. One of them is farming. I and my team are also working in this direction, so I decided to tell you about it. ➡️ Farming is a type of crypto investment in which you put your coins into a liquidity pool. In return, you receive a reward in the form of interest or transaction fees. A liquidity pool is a vault where a trader can quickly exchange one currency for another. In other words, it is a vault that holds two coins in a 50/50 ratio in dollar terms. 📝 One of the most popular sites (DEX) is Pancake Swap and Uniswap. They have all the most popular token pairs for farming and steaking (I'll write about that later). BUT, personally for me and my team, farming on popular pairs (e.g. BUSD / USDT) is not interesting, as the percentage of return on them is very low (~10% per year). Therefore, we are specifically looking for liquidity pools with tokens that have only recently entered the market. In them, the yield can reach ~400% per year. but, it is more risky. The right strategy is very important here. 📍IMPORTANT: If you want to put a particular coin into a farming pool, then you need to put another coin equal in value to the first one. For example, you want to put $1000 into the DAI-BUSD pool. Since they are two stablecoins, you would put in 500 DAI and 500 BUSD. If the rate is different, then the ratio of the number of coins will be different. But in this type of investment, as in any other, there are certain risks. And many people don't even guess about them. ❔ Make a post about the risks in farming? 🔥 - Yes 🧐 - No CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
How to make money on cryptocurrency now? 🟡 ㅤ⠀ Friends, hello everyone. In this article, I decided to share with you the actual ways to make money in crypto right now. The market is changing quickly, so it is important to always monitor and adjust to the circumstances. 1️⃣Investment in a long-term portfolio. I advise everyone to do this without exception. Even now, when bitcoin is around $36k. If you buy "strong" coins that have real growth potential, you will definitely make money in the 1-2 year perspective. In a future post, I will share my opinion on which coins you should buy now. ⚫️Trading (one of the riskiest ways to make money) can also be attributed to this point. Personally, my team and I do it, but keep in mind that we already have a lot of experience that allows us to trade successfully. If you are just starting to trade, make sure you start with theory. This is important. 2️⃣ Drophunting (airdrops). Now this is one of the most popular directions. I made a separate post about this direction. The direction of drophunting began to appear about 1.5 years ago. Many people who have been actively working all this time are now waiting for projects to come out and get their drops. We are also engaged in this direction. ⚫️But there is one BUT. In my opinion, this direction will remain relevant for about 4-5 months, because now more and more new drophunters come to the market and it affects negatively. Is it possible to enter this direction from scratch now? - Yes. But it will be more difficult for you than it was before. 3️⃣ NFT In my opinion, in the near future, one of the trending areas may become NFT again. I am now actively following it and building a strategy for further work. 📍Conclusion: this is a market phase where it is important to closely observe everything that happens in the market. This will help you to build the right system for further work. The market is "in limbo". If you are a beginner and want to start diving into crypto now, I advise you to start with the areas I wrote about above: investment portfolio, drophunting and NFT sector. ❔ Which direction are you interested in reading more about? 👍 - Investment in a long-term portfolio 🔥 - DropHunting (airdrops) 🐳 - NFT CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
Ethereum will reach the $10,000 mark faster than many expect 💜 Friends, saw one interesting opinion piece on Ethereum recently. I decided to share it with you. According to My Digital Money co-founder and president Guy Gottslak, Ethereum will reach the $10,000 mark faster than many expect. In his opinion, ETH has all the prerequisites for significant growth, and it will not be a giant leap, but just a walk to the top. 📔During the recent surge in the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum rose in price by 21%, and most of the crypto industry believes that the rise of ETH was influenced by the rise of BTC. However, Gottslak thinks otherwise, being confident that Ethereum's price movement is independent of what is happening with Bitcoin. He believes that the price of ETH has fallen because the entire altcoin sector has suffered losses. According to the executive, geopolitical instability is gradually revealing the lies that the government is telling about the economy and government spending. ⚫️This has encouraged many people to buy assets that are not controlled by the government. Consequently, gold has crossed the $2,000. The trading expert is confident about Ethereum's prospects as he believes that the market is looking for a safe haven. He bases his confidence on the many use cases of Ethereum, which have led to the blockchain being chosen by several Fortune 500 companies. 📍Gottslak claims that with further development of the technology, Ethereum will become the most used blockchain and ETH will become the most widely used cryptocurrency. ❔ Do you believe in Ethereum (ETH) over $10,000 in 2024? 🔥 - Yes 🧐 - No CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
⬆️ On the MANA coin, the price broke the level well. We saw a beautiful one. Now I advise to move the stop loss to the breakeven zone. 📍The market is very unstable right now, so it's best to protect yourself. CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
Potentially a beautiful trade 📈 Friends, today on Decentraland (MANA) coin I saw a very beautiful pattern. ↗️ On the coin chart you can see a strong level of 0.4480 on the weekly chart. Recently, the price hit this level very accurately, pulled back a little bit and now we are starting to go back to the level. If the price slowly approaches this level and breaks through it, we may see a good rise in the price. ⚫️Now it is important to watch the chart and look for the moment to enter the trade. The growth can be very sharp. • Take Profit: 0.5374 • Entry Price: 0.4504 • Stop Loss: 0.4297 📍Always observe risk management and follow your trading strategy. CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
What happened in the market yesterday? 📉 Friends, I will now share my thoughts on yesterday's rally that happened in the market. Liquidations, the strongest growth for a long time, as well as FOMO (fear of missing out) and losses of a large number of market participants. Every time the market goes up - I have to write about it. ⚫️If you think that in such a market everyone is making money and you are the only one who has earned nothing but only lost - you are wrong. During such periods people lose even more than during market stagnation. 🔤 Why does this happen? The problem is greed and fomo. Always remember that "trading on spot over distance is always more profitable". If you think you will take super high leverage and get super much profit - you are wrong. Who lost yesterday? Everyone who tried to trade futures. Who made money yesterday - everyone who held their assets on the spot. For those who like to trade futures, yesterday's super long dump was organized, where liquidations and stop-losses of 99% of market participants were simply collected. And how are the spot positions doing? No change, the portfolio is growing. 📍You try to earn more on greed, but as a result you only lose and deprive yourself of profits. If you are not a professional trader, this is a market cycle for you right now where the spot is making a lot more money. Think about those people in the last bull market who pulled solana from $10 to $200. That's the real deal. ❔ Do you understand the difference between spot and futures? (If not, but I can do a separate post about it). 🔥 - Yes 🧐 - No CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
BlackRock pumps the market 📈 Friends, I think many people have already heard the news that BlackRock has registered Ethereum-ETF (iShares Ethereum Trust). There was no confirmation yet, but this news poured positivity into the market. 🚀 In a moment BTC went up to 38k and ETH went above $2k! Now I want to bring you one important thought. In my opinion, in these market realities, the adoption of BTC ETF is one of the most important events. It is even more important than halving. ⚫️We have an even bigger rally ahead of us. If we see the news about the real approval of the ETF, bitcoin may rise to $40k - $45k in one candle. Everyone will go to actively buy it. 📍So, it's important to always think ahead. Buy coins when no one is buying them. If you behave like everyone else, you will have the same result as everyone else. And as we know, the majority always lose money. Draw your own conclusions! CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
Fixing profit on YGG token 💵 In this post I gave a buy signal for YGG. I also mentioned this token in this post. Everything worked according to our plan. 🟠Result: + 300$ 📍Congratulations to everyone who participated in this trade. The risk on the deal was 100$. CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
A user lost over $700,000 due to the actions of a MEV bot 💸 Friends, today I came across an interesting story related to MEV-bot. Let me first tell you what it is, as many people may not know. 🔤 MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) is the value that a miner or validator can earn extra by changing the order of a transaction. ⚫️Let's get to the story. One unknown user lost $700,000 due to the actions of a MEV bot. He created a liquidity pool of WBTC-CRV tokens on Uniswap and mistakenly set the rate per CRV to $1. He then added $1.56 million worth of liquidity to this pool in WBTC token. The transaction attracted the attention of MEV bots, which bought all of his tokens in 12 seconds. The bot paid the validator $527,000 for the transaction, and its premium on the transaction was about $260. 📍Thus the user received 1.56 million CRV, which in turn amounted to $700,000 at the time. ❕ The story may not be clear to many people, as this is not the easiest topic. Come on, if you put a lot of 🔥, I'll do a detailed post about how MEV bots work. CRYPTO TREYSI | Subscribe
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